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Clogs, Delftware pottery and cheese are traditional souvenirs from Amsterdam but those looking for something a little special should head to the city’s impressive fashion boutiques. A bottle of Bols jenever Although jenever is often compared to gin, it actually predates its British counterpart by several decades and has a mellower, more aromatic flavour. Among Copenhagen's most famous and iconic attractions is the statue of the Little Mermaid, which has sat along the harbor since its unveiling in 1913. However, the world of mementos can be so much more exciting! Dutch clogs are traditionally used to cover feet while working in muddy fields and as protection in extreme temperatures. However, they are a great souvenir to have on display that is very specific to the Netherlands! One of the most versatile and unique souvenirs of Amsterdam is chocolate, and not just any chocolate but Tony Chocolonelys! 10 Best Amsterdam Souvenirs: Souvenirs of Amsterdam, Travel Bucket List for Couples: 21 BEST Experiences. Here are a few places where you can find some of the best souvenirs from Jamaica. Stropwafels– The most popular Dutch cookies ‘you’re going to see on every corner in the Netherlands. 2.) Hi I’m Sam and welcome to my blog! The city is well-known for its Canal Ring which was built in the 17th century. On almost every street in the city center, you can find a cheese store with hundreds of cheeses. As Amsterdam is all about free-spirited things. Amsterdam’s city centre is shaped by a multi-tiered canal belt that encircles Dam Square. There are so many amazing generic travel souvenirs to choose from like magnets, postcards, and more, however, this list is made for souvenirs that are specific to Amsterdam. Buying unique souvenirs from Amsterdam for kids isn’t the easiest task in the world, but it’s definitely doable. There are hundreds of florists dotted around Amsterdam, many of which sell tulip bulbs that can be taken home and planted. 5) Edible Souvenirs Source. I try to live by the motto “seek the new and unknown” which has led me to travel to some pretty interesting paces! This historical feat of engineering was mainly constructed in the 17th century during a time of economic prosperity. Some of my favourite Dutch food that could serve as a great souvenir from Amsterdam are: 1. One of the most popular brands of kitchenware in Amsterdam is Blond Amsterdam. Bike seat covers: If you haven’t noticed, Amsterdam is crazy about bikes. Artisinal chocolate is a huge part of the local food scene in Amsterdam. This is one of the best and most iconic Amsterdam souvenirs that are perfect for sharing stories of your Amsterdam adventures. Amsterdam block puzzle Photo Credit: c-r-e-a-8.nl. Order some chocolate bonbons from Sweet Carambole and add them to your list of the best Amsterdam souvenirs. They are the perfect treat to bring home that you can find in various souvenir shops, that will likely be gone in a few days due to how tasty they are! The best way to bring these home as a souvenir is by buying a bag from a souvenir shop or a local grocery store! As an Amsterdam resident, it can be hard to find the “perfect” souvenirs when you are walking around in a rush to bring something home. I really hope that this guide will help you to find the top ideas of photos in Amsterdam. 1. If you want to buy a nice silk dirndl they start around 800 euro and up, and a pair of lederhosen costs from around 400 euro and up. These Amsterdam souvenirs are a bit less obvious but will make a perfect reminder of your time in this vibrant city. We’ve tried to include souvenirs for all budgets, which, to be honest, is a bit of a challenge in Denmark Below you can also find our insider tips on where exactly to find the best Copenhagen souvenirs. With its bright lights, multicultural population (that range from cops, carpenters, prostitutes, and clerics) and bar scene, visiting the district will definitely give you a couple of memorable stories to tell. Since their inauguration, Ajax have always been at the top of the Dutch football league and have thousands of supporters around the globe. Instead of focussing on one aspect of retail, HEMA sells everything from clothing and homewares to traditional Dutch food, its own line of books and unique stationery. Tony Chocolonelys is a Dutch chocolate brand that works towards stopping unethical chocolate production and moving towards a new era of chocolate that is sustainable and delicious. Sepculaas are a popular Dutch cookie that is more commonly seen during the Christmas season. You can expect flavours like: salted caramel, pretzel, popcorn, pecan, hot pepper, coffee and more! Jewelry is something you can find everywhere in Amsterdam. The Dutch have a long history with this colourful crop and Amsterdam is surrounded by several large tulip farms, including Keukenhof – a vast garden that plants over 7 million flowers every year. To help you discover the perfect memento while you’re abroad, Culture Trip has put together a list of 10 distinctly Dutch souvenirs that can easily be found in Amsterdam. A great option located in the stunning 9 streets is Carré d’artistes. Some people hate shopping in souvenirs stores and stands, but I … I’m originally from Canada but moved to Amsterdam 3 years ago to discover and immerse myself in a new way of life and culture. Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly places in the world; beautiful streets, canals, gardens, they all are perfect for a lovely ride. The Netherlands is known for tulips, that’s a pretty widely-known fact. “Amsterdam Today” attracts and meets the needs of many types of tourists due to its wide range of items for sale. Many stores around Amsterdam sell old prints of the canal system, and maps of the city can be found at most bookshops or tourist-oriented establishments. Souvenirs from Germany. To help you discover the perfect memento while you’re abroad, Culture Trip has put together a list of 10 distinctly Dutch souvenirs that can easily be found in Amsterdam. Clogs are wooden shoes that are painted in fun designs and are extremely uncomfortable. Your email address will not be published. There are cheese shops all around Amsterdam which boast a wide range of different flavours and types of cheese for you to sample and bring back to your home country. The city is perhaps most famous for Heineken (and indeed the factory tour remains popular), but there are also some very fine traditional and modern ales made in the Netherlands too. What a lovely gift Dutch narcissus (daffodils), hyacinths, lilies, amaryllis, alliums, and crocuses would be for anyone with a green thumb or love of nature. Your email address will not be published. The most loved cheese in the Netherlands is Gouda so if get overwhelmed by all the cheesy options, go for gouda and you can’t go wrong. No need to register, buy now! Here you can find a plethora of colourful tulip bulbs, the most special being tulip bulbs in a can which are a cute and special gift! There are a ton of local shops around Amsterdam where you can find amazing pieces of Amsterdam art. Tulips are one of the things the Netherlands is most famous for and are one of the most popular Amsterdam souvenirs. I shopped at local Dutch markets, bought Gouda cheese from street vendors, and wandered lesser known neighborhoods for souvenirs. Well, how can you not remember the well-known varieties of shoes, which is a symbol of the Netherlands. Clogs are a Dutch staple that makes for the perfect souvenir of Amsterdam. After living here for nearly 2 years, I believe we now have the most comprehensive list of the best Danish souvenirs to buy in Copenhagen. When we think of souvenirs, our minds tend to jump to the vast collection of magnets, mugs, and keychains collected over the years. It’s a broad network of 165 canals. You can find both small clog magnets and figurines but also real clogs to wear on your feet. It’s giving you the best taste of the country, and it ‘won’t be collecting dust in your living room for years. Biking is part of a daily routine, … In my opinion, food is the best souvenir from any place you’re visiting. The signature Dutch cookie, stroopwafel—which consists of two buttery wafers sandwiched together by caramel syrup—is hard to resist. In the winter, Amsterdam transforms to a cozy place, where you can duck into a cafe for a slice of apple pie (and avoid the crazy lines). Amsterdam has long been known as a city where you can buy the best decorations. Old Amsterdam is known for its exceptional matured Gouda, which possesses a sturdy, full-bodied flavour and crumbly texture that pairs wonderfully with dark beer and pickles. Not only does this brand have an amazing mission but the chocolate is all very unique and beyond tasty. Port Antonio Craft Market. Jewelry and diamonds. Alongside vibrant nightlife and bicycles, Amsterdam is a historical network of water. In Amsterdam, there are a number of excellent cheese stores that offer a wide variety of tasty edams, goudas and boerenkaas (‘farmhouse cheese’). Pansemertbrug. You can even go to the Tony Chocolonely store in Amsterdam and sample all of the flavours yourself. 1.) A typical souvenir from Amsterdam are magnets, mugs, chocolates and all kinds of other souvenirs in the form of the classic Dutch houses. While it may be impossible to sum up Amsterdam’s unique charm succinctly, there are several items that are readily available in the city that capture some of its delightful history and culture. ‘They’re so incorporated into the tradition here, that ‘you’re going to s… Visitors love the idea of taking home tulip bulbs or even seeds of other flowers. We're talking about traditional items which will make your family and friends super excited. Check out this list of the top 10 souvenirs of Amsterdam that you can find all around the city and take 10 Best Amsterdam Souvenirs: Souvenirs of Amsterdam - SSW. Top 6 Souvenirs to Bring Home from Amsterdam Stroopwafels Small, compact and packing a flavorsome punch, a bag or two (or five) of stroopwafels is a … But the city also has many typical Amsterdam souvenir products and you will find the best ones on this page. There is no better way to remember your travels to a city than by hanging a piece of art in your home to remember. These include, but are not limited to, items such as traditional Dutch shoes and porcelain figurines, hundreds of T-shirt designs for both men and ladies, various kinds of pipes, bongs, and grinders, mugs, entertaining joke souvenirs, and many many more. Blond Amsterdam is known for designing tableware that is both light-hearted and visually appealing. Luckily, you can find tulips all around Amsterdam but the best place to find tulip souvenirs is at the floating flower market. Hans Christian Andersen, the … There are even some shops in Amsterdam that make custom stroopwafels where you can decorate them with unique toppings like M&M’s, coconut, and more. The cheese pairs beautifully with dark beers or red wine, making it perfect for Christmas nibbles. Today, many of Droog’s iconic products can be found at its headquarters on Staalstraat in central Amsterdam, including items that were designed by Marcel Wanders, Tejo Remy and Jurgen Bey. The Condomerie is the world’s first condom speciality store and was originally established to promote safe sex in the 1980s. Delft Pottery, also known as Delft Blue, is a special kind of pottery that is specific to the Netherlands. As a dedicated condom specialist, the store encourages visitors to think more openly about contraceptives and acts as a research centre for fun, safe sex. Required fields are marked *. Whether you're into museums, food, or just want to feel immersed in the culture, Amsterdam is the perfect city to explore. The brewery’s wares are sold throughout the city and regularly appear on the beer menus of trendier pubs. Follow along as I travel this wondrous world & I hope to inspire you along the way. Take a stroll through this small and vibrant market to experience a real Jamaican market and get an array of locally made souvenirs. Lederhosen (for men), and dirndls (for women) are the traditional clothing in Bavaria, Germany. Find a tourist shop and go wild with the little cute statues. Like this post? Unusual Things to Buy in Amsterdam. It is produced in the city of Delft but can be found all around Amsterdam. Dutch people traditionally drink jenever straight, or alongside a small, blonde beer – a mixture that is colloquially known as a kopstoot, which translates into English as ‘head butt’. If you want to see clog making in action, the Zaanse Schans is definitely worth a visit. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is one of the most expensive Germany souvenirs if you want to buy a real traditional one. Cheese is one of Amsterdam’s most famous and popular souvenirs. There is a cute special jewelry shop on almost every street, especially on the 9 streets. Don't go home without trying at least one of these traditional Dutch foods. Looking for the best Amsterdam souvenirs to bring home from your visit to Amsterdam? Today, these stories are considered classics and have been collected into a single volume called Amsterdam Stories (2012) that is readily available from English-language bookstores throughout Amsterdam. Montego Bay Craft Market Don't forget to take home a small reminder of your trip to Amsterdam! This would make a great Croatian gift for him if you’re looking for that sort of thing. Cheese-loving travellers are spoilt for choice in the Netherlands, as the country is renowned for its dairy products. That is why one of the best Amsterdam souvenirs is art – hand painted or photography both work! Of course, it clogs "clogs", a large number of which can be found in any souvenir shop of the city. Everybody knows that Italy is best known for its delicious food, which just about makes it the best thing to go shopping for in Palermo.

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