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208 posts Member. Mk VIII. Characters. Description Alignment Light Side: Role Attacker • Leader: Faction Jedi • Galactic Republic: Lead Synergy Jedi • Clone Trooper: Synergy Galactic Republic • Padmé Amidala: Ship Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter: Release Date November 24, 2015 Rework … Obviously a full GR team will be stronger, but are there any possible Light side characters not currently fitting in a team that could possibly work with her. share. The best teams for Fleet arena are General Kenobi + Galactic Republic ships, Malevolence + Separatist ships. Padme Team Crafting Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Forums Mk III. Full Gear List; Mk VII. Admin panel. Ki-Adi-Mundi has abilities that has synergy with Galactic Republic Jedi. Recruitment Discord. Geonosian Swarm. Menu. x240. Swgoh solo haat teams Swgoh sith raid phase 3 solo Best swgoh teams C3po sith raid Swgoh best palpatine team 18. 87% Upvoted. The Challenge Tier of the Rancor Raid in SWGoH, officially known as The Pit (Challenge): The Rancor Unleashed, was released just a few short days ago and offers a new level of challenge when facing the Rancor monster. Zetas 12/216. Light Side • … 3PO gives protection up. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes contains a huge variety of characters in its roster, and these are the best to utilize from the Light side. I was leaning towards Ahsoka or Kenobi but I am not sure. Galactic Republic zeta order? Mk V. Mk 5 A/KT Stun Gun Prototype Salvage. Padme Amidala; 4 other Galactic Republic characters . Coolnessda. Early Game. The best teams for squad arena are Padme, General Grievous, Shaak Ti Clones, General Anakin Skywalker +501st, Jedi Knight Revan, Darth Revan + Malak. Using Padmé lead to effectively take out NS in Grand Arena. I have Padme's lead zeta'd, and between her, Ahsoka, JKA, and Kenobi, whom should I zeta next? Sort by. … Updated Counter List As Of 7 17 2019 Swgalaxyofheroes. Mk III. After years of laughing at the ease of beating the Rancor, Galaxy of Heroes players across the globe are being smacked in the face with this new challenge, and most of us … Galactic Power Total. Event News & Rumors. Courageous leader who continuously helps her allies and adapts to any circumstance. My Roster of Galactic Republic Heroes: Padme Amidala – 26,593 power – 7-stars – Gear 13, Relic 3 – 6 gold, 5-dot mods (3 Health sets) – all abilities maxed, 264 speed; Jedi Knight Anakin – 29,347 power – 7-stars – Gear 13, Relic 7 – Six 6-dot mods (Offense & Potency sets) – all abilities maxed, 277 speed; General Kenobi – 26,506 power – … Yes, Clone Wars Chewbacca is actually super deadly under a Padme Amidala team! Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuffs Salvage. 3 Geonosian Brood Alpha Queen's Will. The State of My Account and #SWGOH News (7.267 MGP) Dec 28th 2020 | Star Wars Ga ... Dylarr's Twi'Lek Tactics 493 views 19 days ago Courageous leader who continuously helps her allies and adapts to any circumstance . 85. Disregarding which path you choose you should also focus on your mods until you have at least 1 good set of 5* mods for your arena team which you can also move around to other teams for raids/events etc. x250. 85. Coruscant: Empire vs. The Negotiator. It contains 2 event units and a raid unit. Each time a Galactic Republic or Ewok ally gains a different, non-unique, non-Protection buff, they gain 15% Protection Up for 2 turns. Marquee … best. Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype Salvage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Invite the bot. Jedi Knight Anakin. Everyone keeps saying Yoda but its Clearly a Padme,Anakin,Kenobi,Ashoka,3PO squad. Boba’s homepage. There are three types of modifiers; Global, Player, and Enemy. Galactic Republic Light Side Meta. Team checker; Raid checker; Sign in; ObiJuanKenobi 926-141-248. SWGOH.GG; Characters; Padmé Amidala; Padmé Amidala. SWGOH EVENTS. … save. 2019-10-09 08:46 pm. report. January 5, 2020 2:27PM . Mk 3 … 1,404,293 1.4M. Which toons to use for padme galactic republic team. Last Event: 2021-01-04. The Republīc. Padme. 5v5 | Traya and Thrawn counters Padme Galactic Republic | #SWGOH | #Counter Series | 5v5 | Traya and Thrawn counters Padme Galactic Republic | #SWGOH | #Counter Series | 2; Home; Search; Live; Content Creators; Smaller Creator Videos; Podcasts; Recent Videos; Trending Videos; CONTENT CREATORS. As I have done for every Legendary SWGoH event in the past two years, I will once again be live blogging my experiences from the new Aggressive Negotiations event to unlock Padme Amidala which takes place beginning on May 2nd. Power 34605; Speed 178; Health 36,500; Gear Levels Full Gear List Relic Tier List Stats Table Player Data Top Players ADVERTISEMENT Alignment / Role / Affiliations Light Side Galactic Republic Leader Support. 789,746 789.7K. If you enjoyed my video, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Negotiator Mirror Matches (Full Auto Wins). I want to start using gen kenobi for my jedi revan squad in areas like the … Mk 8 BioTech Implant Salvage. These modifiers can make changes to the battles such as applying buffs/debuffs … level 1. Padmé Amidala Abilities for an easy accessible list. Menu. Top mods and full zetas not required. From SWGoH Help Wiki. Against JKR: you need Padmes unique and Ahsoka’s … While Padme's skills are very heavily favoured towards Galactic Republic allies, they all have quite generic Light Side synergies as well. 1 year ago. Padme Counter Using Traya Youtube. Padme swgoh counters provided by Boba's Alliance. Categories. 614,547 614.5K. Jump to:navigation, search. 10 Best Light Side Characters In Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes. Mk VIII. Reward: - SWGOH Events displays the next event date with relevant information about the event. SWGOH Reddit; SWGOH EA Forums; Units; Stats; GAC Meta; Database; Guilds; News; Log In; Log In Remove Ads. Power 34605; Speed 178; Health 36,500; Gear Levels Full Gear List Relic Tier List Stats Table Player Data Top Players ADVERTISEMENT … Farm Old Republic to unlock JK Revan followed by Darth Revan and Malak. Galactic Republic. Galactic Challenges is a new PVE event that allows players to do challenging combat puzzles that will change on a regular basis. Fleet. Galactic Republic Jedi is an advanced specification for units that are required or gain bonuses in specific content or unit abilities. Takodana: Galactic Republic vs. Resistance. Post author By admin; Post date December 15, 2019; General Info Usual team: Damage based on % of target’s health, debuff immunity, … Next Event: 2021-01-29. Also there is some joke about Padme leading the protection up squad somewhere.. 14 comments. hide. Reward: - SWGOH Events displays the next event date with relevant information about the event. share. Gears Chars; Ships; Zetas; Arena; Legendary; Tickets; GP History; Character Zetas; 85. XII. Arena Trials Traya Triumvirate Vs Padme Galactic Republic Youtube. 2019-10-07 06:21 pm His high health makes him super tanky and almost impossible to take down! Patreon. Events Home Upcoming History Calendar. 3 General Kenobi Soresu. Skip to the content. Farm separatists to unlock Padme and build a Galactic Republic team. Name Ship Buffs Debuffs Other Status Locations Aayla Secura. x250 . This thread is archived. Counters. View roster and history of 'Padmé' on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. January 16, 2021 | SWGoH: Geonosis Republic Offensive – Phase 4 Jedi Combat Mission Walkthrough; January 16, 2021 | SWGoH: Geonosis Republic Offensive – Phase 4 GAS & 501st Combat Mission Walkthrough; January 15, 2021 | SWGoH – Geonosis: Republic Offensive Phase 3 Combat Mission, Middle – Galactic Republic Jedi, 22,000+ Power; January 14, 2021 | SWGoH: Best Mods for … Home The Republīc ObiJuanKenobi' profile. GG as a way to quickly find data about new Characters, Ships and. so its 3PO who is going to end up being in the squad. SWGOH.GG; Characters; Padmé Amidala; Player Data; Padmé Amidala. Reward: - SWGOH Events displays the next event date with relevant information about the event. Best Team To Beat The New Full Bug Squad Star Wars Galaxy Of. So I've been working on my padme amidala, ahsoka, gen kenobi, and slowly farming jedi knight anakin but which other toons are best suited for this squad excluding c3p0 since I dont have him 7 star yet? Takodana: Galactic Republic vs. Resistance. Aggressive Negotiations Deal Physical damage to target enemy, which … Required for content or bonuses Characters. Asaj Ventress, B1, B2, Droideka, and MagnaGuard can also be used to get Padme Amidala; Shaak Ti and Clone Troopers are also needed in Territoy Battle: Geonosis Republic Offensive to get Ki-Adi-Mundi shards. 3 comments. Mk 8 BioTech Implant Component. Territory Battle: Republic Offensive for Combat and Special Missions. General Anakin's kit has been announced.General Anakin is confirmed to unlock at 5* and will require GET1 for more shards. This is not an early game event. The combat puzzles utilize modifiers and feats to keep players looking for fresh new ways to complete the challenges. x250. High-pressure Jedi attacker that punishes enemies for wounding his allies. x250. We try to keep the page as up to date as possible and have … Squad. Close Menu. Boba’s Counters. Last Event: 2021-01-04. Ability Classes Assist Dispel Gain Turn Meter Leader: … Below I will detail my roster of characters needed and then, once the event is live, I will chronicle my experience fighting the event.

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