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I’m not the type to leave the truck with the intention to throw nymphs all day. How well is it built? Not what it looks like. Most days are full of hard wading, with routine hikes that often include bushwhacking to remote areas. It works well. The vest also makes a step up in style from older versions with attractive cuts and design. Zippers will be stressed, and the flaps will barely cover. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Simms does design other fly fishing vests but the G3 Guide Vest comes as a single model. This is probably something you won’t appreciate until you experience it. It’s impressive. Efficiency is the key to versatility. I have a pair of Danner Pronghorns. . and it’s not even close. ITEM # PG-12062 Size … It’s a great design. These are the qualities I think all good trout reels should have: durability, smooth drag, large arbor, counterbalance and a sweet sound. Here you'll find first quality gear at the best prices of the season. Low-bulk PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology is featured fuller through the torso for maximized thermal performance and streamlined through the sleeves for amplified mobility. Thank you all, for a wonderful and busy 2019 season! Search Submit Clear Text When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The material and stitching are solid. Cheech them out too. A ventilated, padded collar adds plush comfort that keeps you cool on long days snapping casts across the water. Fly fishing vests a thing of the past? The Docking Station magnet is under the nippers. With the stacked pockets and so many options for storage, the Simms vest gives you plenty of ways to tailor your system. Fishing rods and reels guide and tips for new anglers. I find that the back design of the Simms G3 Guide Vest gives me just as much storage without the added weight or bulk of a backpack when I don’t need it. I’ve seen some of guests who simply attach a bungee or retractor to the net and then to the belt. You’ll look like the Michelin man has just stepped out of a fly shop. Currently, the darkest of the two choices is “Steel,” but some anglers may wish for a darker vest. The clip on the Simms … Practical storage while wading doesn’t escape the G3. Search Submit Clear Text When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. So thank you for your support. Helpful as always Domenick. In short, these are the kind of days that challenge fishing gear. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. This is what impressed me first about the Simms G3 Guide Vest. Monochromatic: Bomber Blues, Ripper Reds … Here’s an article that gets into all of that and more. What fly fishing gear matters and what doesn’t? The Freestone vest features 19 pockets on both sides of the frontside, both sides of the insides and even more pockets on the backside. But I would never hang my net on my neck and shoulders like that. Waders leak, boots fall apart and pack zippers fail. But many gear reviews tout the advantages of gear that’s fresh off the shelf. New SIMMS Headwaters Mesh Fly Fishing Vest $130 All Sizes Sand DWR XL/XXL. When I find something that I truly connect with, I often tell my friends, “I want to have one of these for the rest of my life,” and they roll their eyes a bit. But I have just one: color. The Simms® Guide Vest offers ample storage for a day of fishing, with a whopping total of 26 pockets. Clearly, people who fish a lot designed this vest. The G3 Guide Fly Fishing Vest gets two thumbs up and our full approval. . i have had my G3 for easily 12 years – still in good shape, i would love a new one but the price on the G3 is high (real high) I cant find one on sale so i will just keep the old reliable going. And if you decide to buy the Simms vest (or if you buy any other Simms product), Troutbitten receives a commission of the sale, at no additional cost to you, when you click through any of these links. The G3 is the versatile angler’s perfect, efficient carry-and-access system. George Daniel’s book Dynamic Nymphing Purchase here to support Troutbitten. After placing a fly box in my old vest pocket, it often took two hands, or one hand with extra effort and contortions, to close the zipper. The G3 Guide Vest design addresses and answers all these concerns, not stopping to add a few practical features. Chaussette SIMMS Guide Lightweight Bugstopper Boulder à partir de 39.95 € SIMMS. Book now to join me in 2020. The first time I went to use the net the stiching came undone and with it went a net and magnet. An old approach using new technology and added comfort is what the G3 Guide Vest set to achieve, and it did. I have been a long time non-vest guy but am too the point where is the drawbacks of those is making me look at a vest. It starts with a thin, zippered pocket on the front, then the flap pocket behind, with the molded, zippered pocket behind that. (It’s a rough life.) . To most anglers, durability and longevity are at the heart of quality. The Simms G3 Guide Vest starts with a classic design and modernizes it in all the best ways. Why I’m a Vest Guy. . Simms' G3 Guide™ Vest is a multitasking companion, with 24 pockets to fit all your tackle and personal items. Should our fly fishing gear last longer than 100 days? That’s important to me too. An inner lining of polyester mesh adds one more layer of protection between your shirt and the nylon of the vest. Talk to our Gearheads 24/7 about your needs. Simms waders review: G4 Pro vs G3 Guide vs Headwaters. I also use the magnetic closure for quickness, when I’m in and out of the interior pockets for some reason. Simms Fly Fishing gear is simply top-notch. Behind that, there’s a large molded pocket for a fly box. As the Danner’s came up on your list of favorite things, if you care to share a paragraph or two about them I’m all ears as I am in the market for a pair. I’ve said this about my 4Runner, my Martin guitar, my favorite fly rods and reels, my Danner hiking boots, and recently, our new Australian Shepard. 1-855-712 -0513. All you ever really need is a hand on the rod and a foot in the river, but bringing along an arsenal of gear is a nice bonus. YKK products go a long way in instilling consumer confidence. 0,00 € Total. It will wet out in heavy rain.). I’ve received countless questions about my thoughts regarding euro lines and mono rigs. The most amazing built-in retractor. It is available in the gunsmoke color seen above or khaki seen to the right. The Simms Freestone vest comes in three colors: Hex Flo Camo Carbon, Striker Grey and Hex Camo Loden (the color we used in our test). It does run up the ringer with the price tag, but ends up being well worth the investment. Was: $79.00. I’ve owned waders from all the major brands, and I’ve never come close to this kind of durability in waders before. Some of it is permanent, like extra leader and tippet material or hand warmers in the winter. These companies specialize in the design and production of zippers, fasteners, buttons, and the like. My Account. This orange material is a soft poly blend. . As expected, Simms G3 Guide Vest is right on the mark. Description FEATURES Reviews (0) Description. Check out. The vest … The vest includes 26 pockets to fit all your tackle and more, and a third-hand rod holder that frees a hand when you need to release that wriggling two-footer. You can stuff a lot of gear in here before running out of room. 100 Day Gear Review: Simms G3 Guide Vest. 5 watching. Add to cart. That’s what a Delorm state atlas is for. But again, that’s just foolishness. If you’re a fool, you’ll fill all these pockets to capacity. Yet, treated with DuPont Teflon water-resistant finish, the vest sheds water like a champ. And the river. I can go a week or more without touching some of the gear I carry in the back pockets of my vest. It holds so many pockets that you will have a hard time filling all of them. It wouldn’t be comfortable to wear a nylon vest directly against the skin. My vest is from 2019, when Simms still offered a deeper grey. So a vest has always been the right match for me, because I need all the important gear at my fingertips. It’s super light, durable, air flows through, and it holds all the flies I’m currently using/considering/not catching fish with.

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