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Comments Required. To keep this South American fish happy, keep them in a … Distribution: Central american: honduras, Atlantic slope of Guatemala.El Salvador. The wild Severum is not listed on the IUCN Red … Combined shipping rates are available on all orders. I love the big red leaves and the unique shape of the plant. Diet: These fish are oppurtunistic piscivores and enjoy soft rayed fish such as live bearers and goldfish. 2.5" RED SEVERUM (8 left) sold. They develop the colors from their parent fish. See more ideas about cichlids, aquarium fish, freshwater fish. Live arrival guaranteed! The Cichlidae family contains over 1,200 species of fish, the majority of which are found in the Tanganyika and Malawai Lakes of central Africa.Looking for New World Cichlids? These are very beautiful, lovely, personable and quite durable fishes. The Red Spotted Severum is a very popular cichlid. Current Stock: Description Size Guides. Curare There are no reviews for this product. Common Name: Turquoise Severum. Red Spot Gold Severum MED Green Severum SML Green Severum LRG Gold Severum SML Uaru MED Chocolate Cichlid MED Chocolate Cichlid LRG Keyhole Checkerboard Cichlid ... Red Tiger Lotus Corkscrew Val Nana Val Italian Val Contortion Val Blyxa Aubertii Ammania Senegalensis Hadi Red Pearl Sword Aponogeton Bolvinianus Banana Plant Color is more intense after the fish has acclimated well. Tiger Severum Cichlid Curare Extra Large. this was named as Red Tiger Severum from alto Rio Negro. Only 1 left! We are breeder, wholesale, dealer, collector, supplier, importer for tropical fish. Shipping Policies. NEW! 24 watching. 10" TIGER OSCAR (two left) sold. Size is roughly around 3-4 inches. $64.99. Strigata Pike. White 'Gold' Tiger Oscar White Severum Cichlid. 2 colour changing red shoulder severum, ... Loads of American ciclihds for sale 4 gold Severum 1 green Severum 1 ornate bichir 1 poly bichir 2 parrots 3 tiger oscars 2 albino oscars 1 arowana 1 Raphael... 9. . $16.00 Expedited Shipping. SKU: cichlidsregfls16003946. Regani Dwarf Pike. … The South American Cichlids are very hardy and easy to care. Golden Red Spot True Severum Cichlid - 2+ Inches. Click here for the complete details about buying from us. $24.99. Hardness: Soft. Tiger Severum Cichlid Curare Xlg Heros sp. Buy beautiful Gold Severum (Heros serverus) from Live Fish Direct. Red Tiger Severum. Red Tiger Severum "Rio Curare" Please contact us at to confirm immediately availability. 2 colour changing red shoulder severum, ... For sale baby jewel cichlids 11 weeks old mum and dad not for sale They are stunning red, yellow and blue warm water fish.. £3.50 each. 3" CENTIPEDE KNIFE (3 LEFT) all sold. Eureka Red Peacock Cichlid Live Aquarium Fish Aulonocara African Cichlids. Cynotilapia afra (White Top afra), Gallireya, Mbuna, African Cichlid GUARANTEED ... Striped heros severum 2-3" in length - live tropical fish. Super Red Severums 2"-3" (Heros severus) (Fwf Cichlid SA Severum S_Red) Super Nice Super Red Severums, Recently available to the Hobby. QUICK FACTS: Scientific Name: Heros severus "Rio Curare" Minimum Tank Size: 55 … Interact with the Red-Spotted Gold Severum Cichlid, as this species will sometimes accept food directly from your hand. BLUE DIAMOND FLOWERHORN CICHLID 4" $74.99. They are known to be … Albino super red tiger oscar long 6".Albino Red Tiger Oscar fish is one of the largest Cichlids fish. Typical Tank Setup: S. American biotope with rockwork, driftwood / bog wood and open space. Scientific Name: Heros efasciatus. Severum fish for Sale: Heros severus from the South America Orinoco River basin. Severum have an iridescent sheen to their scales and off-white to gold background color. Rating Required. $24 99 $24.99; Note: In-store prices on livestock may vary from our website. They also make a good mate for Oscar Cichlids. We have 380-aquariums with lots-and-lots of popular aquarium fish plus lots-and-lots of rare fish! Satanoperca Daemon. AquaScapeOnline, We sell online a wide selection of piranhas, stingrays, cichlids, plecos, catfish and rare oddball tropical fish. Common Name: Severum, Red Spot Severum, Golden Red Spot Severum, Red Spot Scientific Name: Heros Efasciatus Average Adult Fish Size: 10 inches / 25.4 cm Place of Origin: Northern Brazil Basin and Guyana. More available. Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 55 gallon / 220 litre for one, 75 gallon / … One of the more beautiful severums. True Parrot Cichlid. Tropical fish for sale online. Categories Why Us? Pet Tropical Fish For Sale, Perfect Christmas gift for an aquarium enthusiast This listing is for 2 large Severum Cichlids one is a Red Tiger Severum, the other is Gold Red Spot (snakeskin) Severum (RRP £129 for juveniles 1.5” in the pet shop) Red Tiger Severum is 6” around 15cm The Gold Severum is a trusting fish, and will often accept food directly from their owner's hand. Livestock inventory subject to change and prior sale. “Red Tiger Severum - Rio Curare” F1 Bidding on one fish at 1.5". We love our work, and we are very responsible. for Sale This page lists the Central American Cichlids for sale at our online retail Tropical Fish store. One of the coolest Severum'Red Tiger Severum' I would share some pics I took recently. They do very well when kept in schools. Umbee Cichlid. Red Tiger Lotus are an amazing plant that I really just got into not all that long ago. The Severum Heros severus was described by Heckel in 1840. Very beautiful fish to add to your aquarium! As with most red plants, with Red Tiger Lotus, you are going to want to make sure that they have substantial nutrients in their substrate.The better the substrate the better the Red Tiger Lotus will grow. $45.00 shipping. Purchase bloody/super red tiger Oscar at very economical rates due to great discounts. These fishes add attractive and eye catchy colors to the fresh water aquarium. The Gold Severum requires a 55 gallon or larger tank that is at least 40 inches … Zebrina Pike . They are very popular because of the beautiful color, large size and aggressive demeanour. Just above, one of the many Central American Cichlids for sale in our online store. Max Size: 8" pH: 6.0-7.5. Severum or Banded Cichlid is a tropical fish that comes in many varieties and colors, and make a wonderful addition to your aquarium. Family: Cichlidae. Tiger Oscar. Boasting a bright red color over the shoulder, back, and cheek areas, plus tiger patrern As well as the face, anal, and dorsal fins. Wild Oscar Cichlid. 10" TIGER DATINOID (two left) sale pending . Red Shoulder Severum (Cichlasoma severum, Heros Rotkeil). 13" FIRE EEL (one left) sold. It is raised on a famous fish farm and is called the Super Red Spotted Severum . Name Review Subject Required. 1-858-270-1182. Yellow Head Apistogramma Borellii Pair. Red Tiger Motaguense Fish, Super Red Severum Fish & Uaru Amphiacanthoides Fish Wholesaler offered by Mariana Trench Aquatics from Kolkata, West Bengal, India However in the Aquarium Hobby there are more colorful ones, these are all captive bred & due to selective breeding there are lot of variants available like the Red Severum, Green Severum,Yellow Severum, Golden Severum. 2" ALBINO PACU . Aquarium Sand Aquarium Fish For Sale Tropical Aquarium Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tropical Fish South American Cichlids Koi Betta Oscar Fish Plecostomus. Turquoise Severums have a very elaborate body color, ranging from green to blue to red depending on light and mood. Read this PetPonder article further to find out more about the entertaining Banded Cichlid or Severum in detail. Scientific Name: Parachromis motaguensis. Premium Aquarium Fish for Sale Online. 30+ days ago. Dec 13, 2016 - Explore Carlotta Brainard's board "Severum", followed by 107 people on Pinterest. We have various types of cichlid fishes available for sale. 6" JACK DEMPSEY MALE (sold) 6" RED TIGER MOTO (sold) 14" GIANT GROMI (one left) sold. ... RARE Red Tiger Severum 4". Other names: Motagua cichlid. Report. Get the South American cichlids fishes at a very economical cost. 5" BLEEKERI (starry night 1 left) sold. Fish shipments may take several days to fulfill. ... tank I ve had these fish for 1 & half years in great health and from a well established tank I only have 1 of each left Red tiger... 5. . Many hobbyist choose to combine diferent varieties of Severums such as the Green and Gold. It is a great entry level cichlid, as well as for advance keepers. The Golden Severum or Gold Severum is a captive bred color-morph of the Severum Cichlid and as such are not found living in the wild. 1 African red jewel cichlid 2-3 10+ yellow lab/blue mbuna hybrid 2-3 inch 1 gold severum 5.5 inch (male i think) 1 green severum 3.5 inch (male i think) 1 common pleco 6-7 1 Bala shark 6 inch 1 pink convict cichlid 2 inch female Message for pictures and prices £10 Each For Sale Severum juveniles for sale ready soon as bigger. This advert is located in and around Liverpool, Merseyside. Please Note: The small (2" or less) African Cichlids are in their juvenile coloration and the sex of these fish cannot be determined. We have albino super red tiger Oscar available for sale. Spotted 'Notatus' Severum. WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish now available in the Diver's Den®! Report. Red Tiger Motaguense for Sale (Parachromis motaguensis) Common Name: Red tiger motaguense. Zebra Oscar. Above: In this picture a young premium quality Red Spotted Severum is swimming in one of our aquariums, when one of us snapped this picture . We ship all fish in styrofoam insulated boxes with compressed oxygen and polyfilter cubes. Heros sp. Comments: These are awesome fish with great coloring.This particular strain, that we offer, is by far the most beautiful strain. There are many types of Severum Cichlids which occur naturally, few of them are Heros efasciatus, Heros severus, Heros liberifer. Things You Need to Know About Severum (Banded Cichlid) A species of Cichlid is native to South America. They are typically peaceful, though aggression will surface if pairs form. Free shipping. Gorgeous. Best kept in schools. We consider ourselves to be the link between the world's best sources of fish and the world best customers. With a beautiful base color of gold, this fish features red speckles throughout.

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