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By: Scott Hahn, Curtis Mitch. A Family of Faith is inspiring yet practical. There’s a much greater connection to our religious education. Las familias aprenderán sobre cada uno de los sacramentos: bautismo, confirmación, eucaristía, penitencia y reconciliación, unción de los enfermos, ordenes sagradas y matrimonio. FAMILY FAITH SHARING PROGRAM Preschool - 5th Grade Our PK-5 children with their parents will learn at home through the Gospel Weeklies program. “In our continuing catechesis on the family, we reflect today on the connection between the family and the Christian community. But the story of salvation history is not just in the past: it continues to take place in our lives in a deeply personal way. Three year cycle, 15 sessions per year. Sophia Institute Press President Charlie McKinney has experienced the power of family faith formation. New Testament. A lo largo de todo el año, se ayuda a las familias a poner en práctica todo este aprendizaje a través de una vida de oración fiel. Y así como Dios habló a nuestros padres en fe y les mostró su plan de salvación, Dios todavía nos habla y nos llama a ser parte de la historia de su amor salvador. Family FormationClassroom LessonsEight monthly classroom lessons and activities. The mom reported that they sat together, around the table and lost track of time. Family Faith Formation Program and Schedule. Our Family Catechesis program is unique in that it helps parents grow in their own faith while they guide their children in core faith formation. Family Formation is a tried and true model and curriculum developed by parents who were searching for a better way to convey and pass on the Truths of the Faith to their children. Cheri, a Director of Family Formation in Illinois. God has called us each by name—this is the story of salvation history. $27.95 $23.76. Catholic Faith Formation Resources for Catechists and Young Adult Youth Ministers. The Parent's Guide offers talking points for how to use each activity in the children's book as a teachable moment, leading the child to a deeper relationship with Christ. Springs of Life. Our Family Faith Formation program was developed to meet the needs of both students and parents. Throughout the whole year, families are helped to put into practice all these learning through a fruitful prayer life. Copyright © 2021 Sophia Institute Press.All Rights Reserved. Results per page. A Family of Faith follows a four-year cycle: one pillar of the Catechism is covered per year from September through May. After four years, families will have been guided through the entirety of the Catechism and will have developed a broad understanding of the Church's teachings. At Peace of Christ Parish, the family faith formation program for children in Grades PreK (age 4) through 5 exists to assist families in the faith growth and development of their children. The leader's guide includes: Families learn this year about events that took place thousands of years ago. Families then cycle through the program again in order to deepen their knowledge and develop the habits needed for life-long spiritual growth. While it is true that some parents will likely decide to offer no instruction than to participate in this program, the vast majority of families are finding A Family of Faith to be far more flexible, enabling them to transform the family activities they already do into encounters with God. Use suggested agenda in the Leader's Guide or other parish activity such as family Mass and hospitality, Leader presents teaching once per month to parents who then engage in small-group discussion and activities to deepen their understanding, Children participate in lessons with catechists using activities from, Parents reinforce the learning at home through select, family-based lessons and activities, Background essays covering each month's content, Notes for conveying this content to children in age-appropriate ways, Instructions for activities and craft projects, Stories of the saints and other notable Catholics, Suggestions for living the faith at home, such as…, Guidance for creating and decorating a prayer space, Ways to bring the liturgical year to life in the home, Prompts for original prayers and reflections, Start-up guide for organizing and leading the program, Trivia games and other ice breakers for adult meetings, Detailed plans with games and activities for community meetings, September: The Role of Parents in Education, December: Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, April: Marks of the Church, Communion of Saints, November: Conscience: God's Law in our Hearts, December: Cardinal and Theological Virtues, January: The First Great Commandment and the First Four Commandments, March: The New Commandment and the Works of Mercy, March: Praying with Scripture and Expressions of Prayer. Some parishes offer A Family of Faith as an alternative to traditional faith formation classes, and some use it in place of these classes. This award is designed to: Highlight and celebrate extraordinary achievement occurring in dioceses (or multi-dioceses) in the ministries of evangelization and catechesis. Although individual families can easily use A Family of Faith independent of the parish, we designed this program to be used by parishes as an alternative to faith formation classes. One of our families really wasn't on board with the at home concept. Our Family Catechesis program is unique in that it helps parents grow in their own faith while they guide their children in core faith formation.

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