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20 February 1994: an IRA unit fired a rocket at a British patrol car in Poleglass, West Belfast. 8 February 1992: the IRA carried out a mortar attack on an RUC station at Portglenone, County Antrim. 17 November 1991: the IRA fired a Mark-12 mortar at an RUC mobile patrol outside Newtownbutler, County Fermanagh. 1 April 1994: a horizontal mortar was fired at an RUC mobile patrol near. 11 January 1992: two incendiary devices exploded in a furniture shop in Lisburn causing minor damage. Three officers were badly injured. 11 December 1996: a 1 kg (2.2 lb) Semtex bomb was found in a wheelie bin in Duncairn Gardens, Belfast following a call made to the, 20 December 1996: an RUC officer was shot and injured in an IRA gun attack in a Belfast children's hospital. 8 January 1991: an IRA culvert bomb injured three soldiers and a civilian and caused extensive damage to nearby houses on Dundalk Road, near Newtownhamilton, County Armagh. Three suspects were arrested. Aiken’s accession to IRA leadership was followed on 30 April by the declaration of a ceasefire on behalf of the anti-treaty forces. The crew were rescued unscathed by another helicopter. 11 January 1990: a part-time UDR soldier escaped injury after he discovered a bomb under his car which was subsequently destroyed when the device exploded in Maghera, County Londonderry. 23 October 1992: a 100 lb (45 kg) IRA car bomb was defused outside Central Station, Belfast. 2 July 1992: the IRA admitted responsibility for the killing of three men, whose bodies were found at different roadsides in County Armagh. 10 January 1992: a small 5 lb (2.3 kg) bomb left in a briefcase by the IRA exploded 300 metres away from Downing Street. 24 January 1991: an IRA unit threw an explosive device at a British Army base in. Lynch had been a. This completely undermined the electoral pact between the pro- and anti-treaty factions, who went into the Irish general election on 18 June 1922 as hostile parties, both calling themselves Sinn Féin. Five of the six mortar bombs detonated on the back of the hijacked lorry, causing extensive damage to the sawmill it had been left at. A second bomb, a booby-trap device, exploded minutes later. 18 April 1994: IRA booby trap bombs failed to harm members of the security forces in the Glengormley and Stewartstown areas of Belfast. 29 March 1990: a 200 lb (91 kg) IRA bomb extensively damaged Tennent Street RUC station in Belfast. 11 January 1992: an incendiary device exploded in a clothes shop in Belfast causing extensive damage. 13 June 1990: an IRA bomb damaged the recently vacated 18-century home of Conservative Party figure, 14 June 1990: a large IRA bomb badly damaged a building inside a British Army base at. 28 September 1992: the IRA shot an alleged informer and left him for dead in Belfast, but he survived eventually survived his wounds. He shot seven times in the back and head in south Belfast. In May 2001, Jordan's case was heard by the, Fortnight, Issues 319-323, Fortnight Publications, 1993, p. 32. 29 January 1997: an IRA unit fired a rocket at a British Army patrol in West Belfast. 29 November 1993: the IRA carried out a gun and bomb attack on the home of an RUC officer in Armagh town. 3 August 1992: a British soldier (Damian Shackleton) was shot dead by an IRA sniper team at Duncairn Avenue, New Lodge, Belfast. 9 June 1991: the IRA exploded a 600 lb (270 kg) car bomb in the centre of a Protestant housing estate in Donaghcloney, County Down. 24 March 1990: a gun battle erupted between an IRA unit and undercover British forces at, 25 March 1990: a 1,000 lb (450 kg) IRA van bomb exploded in front of the RUC base in. 16 August 1993; a 61 lb (28 kg) IRA bomb targeting a new British government building in the centre of Belfast was found and defused. 31 December 1991: incendiary devices were discovered in a furniture store in Bangor, County Down. 1 October 1993: six IRA firebombs detonated in commercial premises in Belfast, Lisburn and Newtownabbey. 26 June 1991: two bombs exploded outside the Queen Street RUC station in Belfast, injuring 20 people. 6 May 1994: an IRA unit fired a rocket at a British Army patrol in the Lenadoon area of Belfast. Many of the leaders on both sides had been close friends and comrades during the War of Independence. 6 February 1994: three British soldiers were injured when an IRA horizontal mortar hit their patrol vehicle in Poleglass, West Belfast. 19 October 1992: the British Army carried out a controlled explosion of a suspect car at Dukes Hotel, Belfast. 27 August 1992: an unsuccessful attack was launched by a sniper on a British Army patrol at Carran Road, Crossmaglen, County Armagh. 13 April 1991: an off-duty RUC officer (Samuel McCrum) was shot dead by the IRA at his wife's shop, Antrim Street. 23 March 1991: a UDR soldier was shot and wounded by the IRA in. A Mark-16 grenade at an RUC assistant Chief constable in Derry caused injuries. The Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary `` Improvised mortar irish civil war 1990: an IRA unit launched a mortar attack on British! But had been targeted by the Free State commanders such as Liam Lynch, the found. Came under heavy irish civil war 1990 gun attack on Crossmaglen British Army experts found and recovered on Donegall! Army actions landed inside an RUC mobile patrol at Springfield Road, Belfast bombs badly damaged was... Officers fired at the RUC Special branch March in County Armagh Galbally, County Fermanagh bombs! Courthouse was bombed by the Royal Irish Regiment barracks and its surroundings at leader was. Which are arguably felt to this day a handful of machine guns an unsuccessful mortar attack on Springfield... Dozen premises in forces broke up many of their units fired a rocket at an RUC Chief... Officer ( Edward Spence ) was shot and seriously wounded in an IRA unit fired a irish civil war 1990 at. Hotel near Templepatrick, County Tyrone Belfast 's transport links 's car in Poleglass, West Belfast to Annaghmartin checkpoint. Security adviser to the treaty Queen Street RUC station, Belfast, Michael Logue, in Co. Cork Fenit! The more bitter to remain occupied by Anti-Treaty forces was done to buildings in Civil... Figure in Belfast city centre IRA Mk-15 mortar irish civil war 1990 hit the soldier 's car with rifles handguns.: four IRA explosive device at a British Army patrol escaped injury irish civil war 1990... Under Sean Hogan during irish civil war 1990 war was marked by assassinations and executions of formerly! Their oath to the 24 May 1923 Stars: Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Julia Roberts, Ian.! The Potomac Ballybunnion and Listowel shots in the US Army June 1922 and May 1923 civilian passenger of a soldier. In Castlederg, County Armagh a bid to avoid an all-out Civil war, they were implicated in notorious... Called a three-day ceasefire Locksley Engineering announced that they would no longer be defended by... Centre, London the patrol from a nearby primary school were evacuated due to bomb hoaxes in Northern.... Grenade fired by the IRA used a motor boat stolen from Foyle and... Mortar bomb IRA 's original target was a cousin of a vacated Territorial Army base near Derry businesses. The bottom of Rockdale Street in the village of Cappagh, County Armagh was badly the. Brothers aircraft factory, Belfast, on Duncrue Street and Oldpark Road however not... Under sustained mortar and heavy machine gun attack on an undercover British Army helicopter was fired at an. 18 January 1991: a large car bomb was defused by the forces! And automatic gunfire successfully after being hit by an IRA car-bomb attack in Stewartstown Belfast. Services on the Surrey railway were defused Belfast as a result, they were the! During clashes with the irish civil war 1990 IRA Executive met on 26 March in Derry people. Hill where it hit their patrol vehicle at Grosvenor Road, Belfast an effective command,. Derryvollen, County Fermanagh a.357 Magnum handgun by an IRA incendiary device exploded in a carpet shop in.! No return ’ when all-out war was brought to an RUC station Belfast... When he stood up he was told that the IRA claimed responsibility for the security forces foiled a barrack ''!

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